Keyan Keihani
Sunday, June 10, 2012, 5:00pm
Pete Seeger Stage

"By no means a newcomer to music, Keyan Keihani's new album Under the Above is an indication of his undeniable talent. A solo artist who writes his own music, sings his own songs, and plays the guitar, Keihani is a true triple threat. His sultry voice can at once evoke vulnerability and conviction. His melodies manage to achieve the depth that give an air of mystery to his songs, while also achieving a simplicity that allows the first time listener to understand where he's coming from. His songs induce a wide range of emotions, without sacrificing depth of subject matter or depth of thought.

A recent UC Berkeley graduate from the Bay Area, you can hear Keihani's intellect in his lyrics, mixed with emotions and passion you can hear in every note. "On and On," a contender for his best song to date, is quiet and calm, but also full to the brim with emotion. With lyrics in his songs like, "And I can't break this feeling that I'm healing, baby girl/Another day, I'm drowning out your whispers with my crowded faith" and, "And take me back to the place I used to be, with crooked thoughts, but oh how I see/It's easy to believe that we may never have falser dreams" Keihani dares the listener to look deeper into what he's saying.

Not to mention his use of "baby girl" may be the first successful use of the term without seeming like a canned pop song. To really understand the versatility of Keihani's voice, just contrast his voice in "On and On" with "Give Me the Gold." You'll find not only that you're listening to a completely different side of his voice, but also that his voice ignites his lyrics, the angst can be heard in "On and On," while the force of his voice in "Give Me the Gold" is completely free of angst.

This versatility contributes to the experience of listening to his album, where each song promises to stir up a different emotion, a different ambiance, and a different meaning for each and every listener." - Nakkisa Akhavan