The Shook Twins
Sunday, June 10, 2012, 7:30pm
Faith Petric Stage

"Shook Twins' performances feel like a glimpse into a long history of musical discovery-their shows can feel like late-night porch sessions, where the songs are so internalized they stream out like a conversation." (Emilee Booher, Willamett Week)

Shook Twins are not your average folk Trio. Sisters, Laurie and Katelyn, blend angelic twin-harmonies, beat-boxing, a wide variety of instruments and genuine humor set them apart. Kyle Volkman rounds out the trio and the sound with the upright bass. He can often be found responding to being called " The 3rd Twin". Touring the West Coast since February 2008, the trio is continually expanding and creating musical circuits in multiple regions and fans everywhere along the way.

The twins recently moved to Portland, OR where they consistently find inspiration in ... well, everything.

"The sisters voices blend and braid with amazing clarity and depth, their guitars percolate brightly, and the intensity builds to incendiary proportions with layers of percussion gradually added to the mix." (Spokesman Review)