Pete Seeger Stage
Location: room #117

Despite its modest size, the Pete Seeger Room is an all acoustic venue that features wonderful performers with jumbo-sized talent. This is the place to really HEAR and EXPERIENCE your favorite music acts.

Saturday, June 9th, 2012
12:00 Jonnie Pekelny
Jonnie sings lovely renditions of old Russian folk songs, which makes sense because she grew up singing the haunting, playful and soul filled melodies of the Russian countryside. Jonnie Pekelny brings a beautiful voice and special energy to every performance.
12:30 KC Jiang
KC Jiang ruined his early dreams of being an itinerant street musician by becoming an engineer. Lately he makes up for lost time by playing classical music, Chinese melodies, Irish, Scottish and other Celtic songs, American folk songs and his original melodies on Harmonica and Irish whistle.
1:00 Hali Hammer Band
When she's not busy thinking up song parodies to sing to sing with her Occupy Wall Street music group Occupella, she's singing folk and oldies (say it with me, won't you. Folk and oldies!) for her many fans with her band.
2:00 Melanie Phippard
It's been nearly a decade since the last time Melanie Phippard shared with us her classic brand of polished, sun-filled California folk pop.
3:00 Dirty Cello
There will be gypsy. There will be rock. There will be wailing blues and more. All played on cello by the brilliant Rebecca Roudman and her talented band. Think BB King meets Yo Yo Ma. Winner of the American River Music Festival Songwriter Showcase.
4:00 Jazz Gitan
Django Reinhardt lovers rejoice. Jazz Gitan achieves Gypsy Jazz lift off and sends it into the stratosphere. One of California's best Jazz Hot combos, traveling all the way from Sacramento.
5:00 Riggy Rackin
Riggy has been playing and singing for more than 40 years, mostly concentrating on Celtic, Scottish and British traditional folk. Lately he has been playing a folk-centric form of background music for several years, taking the melodies of sea chanteys and forebitters, and setting them in folk chamber music arrangements. This "Sweet Music of the Salt Sea" ends up to be quite pleasant AND easy for both musician and listener.

Sunday, June 10th, 2012
12:00 Mark Levy
Mark Levy is a singer and lecturer who specializes in older Judaic folk music in Yiddish, Hebrew, and Ladino, Klezmer history and theory, and Jewish music history in general. He also performs union and labor songs and has several albums of satirical songs.
12:30 Some Good Music
Susan Giba and Tatiana Tilley are Some Good Music. Two great voices with amazing harmonies, some guitar and a little percussion. They call their style folksy Americana, and they've been making quite a hit at the every other Friday meetings of the SF Folk Music Club.
1:00 Carey Dubbert
Hearing Carey play either hammer dulcimer or autoharp, no matter how much or little you know about such instruments, you are immediately aware that you are in the presence of a master musician. See all those admirers in the front row with their mouths agape? They're other dulcimer & autoharp players wondering how the heck he does that. Winner of the California Autoharp Gathering Lifetime Achievement Award. You will be mezmerised and transported and feel pretty good about it too.
2:00 Blind Lemon Pledge
With influences from Muddy Waters to 20's jazz to The Rolling Stones, Blind Lemon Pledge, a local blues root quartet formed by blues aficionado James Byfield, create a bluesy ambience that will make you smile.
3:00 Jane Fallon
An award-winning East Coast singer-songwriter, Jane Fallon has a dynamic voice full of character and emotional twang. Some of her songs are humorous bites of life. Others are wistful and full of longing. All display an affection for careful word choice and fluid prose. No accident given that Jane has a degree in literature and is soon to be a published writer.
4:00 Aireene Espiritu
Aireene's songs are mostly originals. They just sound like songs Alan Lomax might have collected during one of his cross country recording jaunts. They carry both historic sweep and personal nuance. The melodies are full of bluesy longing, fingerpicked delicately on her tenor ukulele.
5:00 Keyan Keihani
A young singer-songwriter from the East Bay. He's more of a heart on his sleeve modern rhythm and blues romantic than a grizzled folk troubadour. But he sings in a smooth emotional style, underscored by a lot of power and range, that will hook in from the git go.