Beginning Italian Mandolin
Nicola & Achille Bocus
Sunday, June 10, 2012, 5:00pm
Music 1 - Room #102

The best friend of a mandolin player is tremolo. But there are several ways to produce tremolo and Italians have their own specific way. The workshop is good for beginning mandolin players and will teach Italian tremolo from the start, as well as basic fingering technique.

Achille and Nicola are teachers of Italian and classical mandolin in the Bay Area and directors of the San Francisco Mandolin Orchestra. Achille recently moved from Milan where he conducted the Milan Plucked String Orchestra and was an orchestral Double Bass player. Achille and Nicola perform with the ensemble group Mandolini Graziosi and are working on a recording of Baroque concertos including Vivaldi's famous concerto for four violins played on mandolins.