Secrets of the Great Finger Pickers
Sunday, June 10, 2012, 3:00pm
Music 3 - Room #212

The stuff all pickers should know - for folk, rock, blues, country swing and bluegrass guitarists, from beginner to advanced.

Folk blues artist Mokai demonstrates the playing of seminal acoustic bluesmen, and turns you on to tricks that were their stock and trade. Chord shapes the old guys used, 'Pinch' guitar, syncopation and improvisation.

Mokai has been picking since he was a kid, when he became obsessed with folk-blues guitar. He has a few albums out, including one just released, "Any Distraction'll Do", which is available online. He enjoys teaching workshops at folk festivals - he wants to turn you on to stuff that should be in every musician's bag of tricks and excite you to reignite your own explorations.