Old Time Jam in C
Bob Palasek
Sunday, June 10, 2012, 1:00pm
Jam Room - Room #117

Appalachian old-time and related. The focus of this session is to cover a bunch of fiddle, banjo, and string band tunes played in the key of C. Bring a C tune from the canon to share, and bring another, just in case. Any of several tunings as introduced by banjo players, and at least one slightly different tuning for the fiddle will be used.

Bob Palasek has performed in bands and as a soloist, with a musical history that covers jug band, bluegrass, old time, and most recently folk fiddling of Scandinavia. He started out singing in choirs and glee clubs in school, and has sung in a couple of civic choruses. Bob endorses and uses A440 as well as C264, C260.7, and C261.6.