Ukuleles R Us! Pop/Rock/Folk Jam
Janet Lenore & Jeff Davis
Sunday, June 10, 2012, 12:00pm
Jam Room - Room #117

Bring your ukes and strum along! The ukulele lends itself well to a wide variety of fun songs beyond the Hawaiian and swing tradition for which it's famous. We'll play a few swing and Hawaiian tunes and will then launch into a '60s pop/rock jam, with a few folk and country songs thrown in for good measure. We will project the song lyrics and chords on the wall so everyone can play along easily. Other instruments besides ukuleles are welcome, especially voices, percussion, kazoos and guitars. Lead players are welcome and will be given a chance to shine.

Workshop leaders Janet Lenore and Jeff Davis have been music partners for more than 12 years. Together, they've performed with uke and U-bass at the Santa Cruz Ukulele Club, the Palo Alto Festival of the Arts and The Bistro in Hayward. Janet Lenore has been teaching ukulele to small groups and privately for the past year and has been a jam leader at both the Berkeley Ukulele Club and at monthly ukulele gatherings in Alameda. Besides ukulele, Janet Lenore plays guitar, mandolin, banjo, percussion, and even the theremin on rare occasion! She produced an album of original songs "the Ladies of My Family" and her next CD will have a ukulele focus. While bassist Jeff Davis is most comfortable with the pop/rock genre, he's enjoyed playing in Celtic sessions and was once in a Brazilian band. His Ukulele Bass will give us the "bottom end" that ukulele players love to hear.