Original Song Swap
Susan Wageman
Sunday, June 10, 2012, 3:00pm
Music 2 - Room #108

Bring an original song that you have written to share with the group. Be prepared to - very briefly - introduce yourself and your song. Accompany yourself, ask a friend to help, or sing a cappella. Bring lyric sheets if you would like others to sing along. The time available for each singer will depend upon the number of songwriters at the workshop. For those who are new to songwriting, this is a chance to share your work in an informal and friendly environment. For those who are experienced, we hope that you will demonstrate your skill and be generous in sharing your experience with others (especially after the workshop). Listeners are welcome. Hear the stories that the songwriters sing and some clues to the stories of the songs.

Susan Wageman began learning about music more deeply just a few years ago, after decades of listening and dancing to music. Although she had learned a bit about song craft from her late husband (and they co-wrote one song), she learned much more through the West Coast Songwriters' song screenings, works in progress sessions, and conferences. Then, she discovered the diverse and welcoming folk music communities of the San Francisco Folk Music Club, East Bay Fiddlin' and Pickin' Potlucks, and private jams. Generous and enthusiastic members of the community continue to help her learn to play, encourage her to lead songs, and even occasionally ask her to sing one of the few songs she has written. She does her best to pass this on by encouraging others.