Songwriting Basics
Laurie Vela
Saturday, June 9, 2012, 4:00pm
Music 3 - Room #212

Do you have a song in you that's itching to come out? Maybe one that's already half way written? This workshop offers you some basic tools for dancing with the muse! Whether you have a vague notion, a catchy riff, or a notebook full of ideas, Laurie Story will offer you some playful & practical tips on song creation. She will briefly explore basic song structures as a foundation for your concepts & creations. Taught from Laurie's philosophy of "being in service to the song", the focus here is on creative process rather than structures of music or any music theory. If a song is calling you, come play it out!

Laurie Story Vela has been a writer, singer and performer her whole life. She grew up as a local performer singing with the "Vela Family Singers" which were formed after Laurie's mom saw the Sound Of Music one too many times! Laurie has written hundreds of songs and has recorded & performed with her now 12 year old son Jeremiah for the last 8 years. Though Laurie's life work has always been with and for children, she is also a folk performer for adults. Her songwriting spans children & family folk, spiritual & contemporary singer-songwriter. She has produced more than 30 recordings of songs & stories. Currently, 5 of Laurie's CDs of original songs are circulating cyberspace; home based at Laurie's 2nd web site, & at CD Baby.