Behind The Bellows
Produced & directed by Steve Mobia
Saturday, June 8, 2013, 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Alan Lomax Theatre -- Room #219

Seven years in the making, this is the first full length American documentary about the beloved but often misunderstood squeezebox: its history and variety as well as its effect on popular culture. Contains insightful interviews with accordion legends such as Anthony Galla-Rini, Guy Klucevsek, and Dick Contino among many others.

See the original drawings for the accordion's patent of 1829 as well as the first design of the concertina. Visit an accordion museum and a factory where the instrument's many parts are created. Venture through several types of concertinas, button boxes, as well as high tech MIDI accordions.

See historic clips of Guido Deiro, Art Van Damme, Lawrence Welk, and Frankie Yankovic. Discover why "Lady of Spain" is associated with the accordion. See the first attempt to make a rock-n-roll accordion. And listen to where the accordion might be headed in the future.