An Introduction to Argentine Tango
Karin and Sven Jensen
Saturday, June 8, 2013, 4:00pm
Dance 3 - South Gym

Argentine tango has a dramatic, sensual style characterized by a close hold, frequently a low center of gravity, and an emphasis on Contra Body Movement. Movement is stealthy, almost cat-like with unmistakable staccato moments. Intrigued? This workshop is for you if you have some social dancing experience but are new to Argentine Tango. We will begin with tango footwork and partnering exercises, learn salon style frame, progress to the famous Argentine Tango "Basico" figure which forms the basis for numerous other figures and then apply portions of the Basico to learning the sinuous forward ochos figure.

Age Suitability: Adults and Teens

Karin Jensen and her husband fell in love over Argentine Tango some 19 years ago. She continues to enjoy dancing AT socially, has performed at various dance events, and has since been certified with high honors by Christy Cote as a DVIDA Bronze Level Argentine Tango instructor. Karin trained as a ballroom dance teacher through the Ballroom Dance Teacher's College, and she is primary instructor for the Beginning Dance Program at Just Dance Ballroom in Oakland.

Karin Jensen trained in classical ballet at Oakland Civic Ballet, Oakland Ballet, and Alameda School of Dance. She has performed with Berkeley City Ballet, San Jose Dance Theater, and Alameda Civic Ballet in both corps and soloist roles. She continues to be involved in the world of ballet as a teacher at Alameda Ballet Academy. Karin trained in historical social dancing with Richard Powers of Stanford University and various workshops in the Bay Area and Europe, and she has performed with historical dance troupes including Dance Through Time and Academy of Danse Libre. Karin has studied ballroom dancing and argentine tango through various private instructors and was formally trained as a ballroom dance teacher through the Ballroom Dance Teacher's College. She loves both social dancing and performing and is the primary instructor for the Beginning Dance program at Just Dance Ballroom in Oakland.

Sven Jensen is Karin's husband. He has studied Argentine Tango primarily with Nora Dinzelbacher and performed as her partner in her troupe for a period of two years. He enjoys dancing argentine tango socially and has performed with Karin at dance events.