Claussen & Cadora
Saturday, June 8, 2013, 3:00-3:45pm
Pete Seeger Room - Room #107

Joe Cadora's musical roots go back a long way. In 1971 his rock band, Ice Nine, opened for the Bruce Springsteen band at Rutgers-a year later he was playing George McGovern rallies as part of the folk duo, Tar and Feathers. Leslie Claussen started out fronting a heavy metal band before developing into a singer-song-writer featured at the prestigious Kerrville Folk Festival. The two of them came together in the Bay Area rock band, the Mercuries, in the early nineties. Since then they have occasionally played as an acoustic duo while Joe pursued Celtic music with Tinker's Damn, and Leslie toured behind a solo album, then took some years off to have her daughter, Helena. Claussen and Cadora are now back with a vengeance, kicking off their new musical partnership at SFFFF. Expect to hear stellar harmonies and dazzling fretwork in an eclectic mix of songs and instrumentals ranging through many genres.