David Maloney
Sunday, June 9, 2013, 3:50-4:35pm
Pete Seeger Room - Room #107

Here are some notes regarding David's CD, One Day More. Every artist desires, at some point, to create a work in which their artistic skills combine with hard won maturity and lifelong experience that expresses their ultimate feelings of love, hope and commitment and stands as a testament to their time spent among us. With 'One Day More' David Maloney has accomplished this and simultaneously gifted the rest of us these wonderful songs to hear and enjoy.

Distances, The Old Chateau, On The Other Hand and Never Far From Home are beautiful declarations of love to his wife, mother and son that many of us will relate to. These songs serve as an example of the paradox that the more specific the situation described the more it actually relates to others because in so many ways we're all the same. Time and again is a song of regret that serves to reinforce loyalty while Neighbor Dan is a dignified tribute to a community father figure, and Carry Us Home lauds the pilot hero of the incredible Hudson River Landing that saved so many lives. Like several of these pieces this one has a fine sing-a-long chorus. Cellular Phone is a clever and humorous take on modern conveniences that can do so much but may not be as good or even healthy as advertised and also take up so much of our lives, while Main Street Blues is a kick ass rocker that bemoans hard times but vows to keep on keepin' on and learn from it all. Black River Blues is an old time acoustic folk blues that looks back on all the good and bad with acceptance and has that comforting relaxed bluesy goodness about it. Jupiter Rising is a moving admission of human weakness while maintaining the confidence and will to keep moving forward with life. This is also the overriding theme of the CD.

From the opening title cut which celebrates the beauty of life, accepts the challenges and invites us to join in, to the last, the gospel tinged Standing By The River, in which David searches for faith in a confusing world, this recording is an autobiography of a warm heart in which there is room for all of us and a talent that enriches all who come upon it. David's voice has never been richer or more friendly, his arrangements are perfectly appropriate and his musicians and harmony singers give just the right touch at all times. This is the perfect recording to add to your Maloney collection or with which to begin one, and in communicating with David (it's a home business folks) you'll find that he's as friendly as he is talented, which in my book is most meaningful. Percy Hilo