The Woody Guthrie Stage
Location: Cafeteria

The ambience may remind you of mystery meat, leftover surprise, and food fights. Hey, it's a middle school cafeteria after all. But our performers are some of the most talented musicians from the Bay Area and beyond. Saturday's show features mostly originals from some of the best local singer/songwriters. Sunday is for fans of roots country, old time, and bluegrass. Come on over for coffee and snacks and hear some great music.

Open Mic. Open to anyone. Make sure to sign up early. The spots fill up quickly.

Saturday, June 8th, 2013
12:00pm Open Mic
The open mic is open to all. Sign up starts at 12 noon. First come first served.
2:00pm Uni and her Ukulele with Deidre Egan
Uni is Heather Marie Ellison. Uni is only one of Heather's many musical adventures (she even recorded an album with Johnny Otis in another life!), but it's the one she's been at the longest and is best known for. It's not easy to sum up the Uni experience in a short blurb. Super-heated vintage romanticism wrapped up in an eccentric pink bow. She'll sing you into submission with one of finely-crafted retro-sounding love ballads then belt you across the chops with a uke-driven Bruce Springsteen rocker. But it'll hurt so good.
3:00pm CW & Mr Spoons
Are they a two man one man band? A two man jug band orchestra without the jug? However you count them, count on them to bring western ragtime guitar and the Wonder Bucket contraption to life. Deeply rooted in traditional ragtime, western and swing music, much of their material is original. Toe tapping, lively and hot, there's nothing else like it around. CW fingerpicks rags on an old steel bodied National guitar as Mr. Spoons amazes all with his home-made Wonder Bucket. Their music fans include western, hot jazz and traditional Americana enthusiasts, and son, you too!
4:00pm Joshua Lowe & the Juncos
The Santa Cruz Weekly calls them: a down-home band that is more throwback than revival. With an appreciation for the acoustic life and a gather-'round-the-mic-y'all recording style, this is a group that understands the strength of a good song and how to let it stand on it's own.
5:00pm Whiskey and Women
Whiskey and Women are Renee de la Prade (button accordion, vocals), Joan Wilson-Rueter (fiddle, guitar, vocals), and Rosie Steffy (fiddle, percussion, uke, vocals). You know Renee from Culann's Hounds. Or maybe Joan from Barbary Ghosts. Both of them play in the Accordion Babes Revue (and are featured in this year's Accordion Babes Calendar). With Renee's little sister Rosie, they Cajun, Celtic, and stompin' Americana. Hey, dancers! They get the crowd moving.
6:00pm McCoy Tyler Band
I asked a friend once what bluegrass is nowadays when everyone is calling themselves bluegrass. He said: "It's bluegrass if it's good. Guess you could say the same thing about folk. The McCoy Tyler Band from Santa Cruz are folk the same way Graham Parsons and Emmylou Harris are folk. McCoy's voice reminds me of Parsons when he wasn't trying to twang so hard. That's what I like about the MTB sound. They achieve pleasing harmonies, solid ensemble sound, and a homespun original sound effortlessly. Folk music for people who think they are tired of folk music.

Sunday, June 9th, 2013
12:00pm Open Mic
The open mic is open to all. Sign up starts at 12 noon. First come first served.
2:00pm Les Amis Zydeco
Les Amis Zydeco has its roots in the swamps of deep South Louisiana, and in the Bay Area Cajun/Zydeco dance scene. They strive for an authentic sound whether they're playing Cajun, Creole, or Zydeco. They love playing for dancers and hopefully that shows. Some band members are long-time Cajun/Zydeco dancers, and it shows in their focus on dancer enjoyment by drawing on their ingrained knowledge of what makes for an enjoyable dance evening.
3:00pm Page Brownton & the Mojo Navigators
The MOJO NAVIGATORS covers the broad range of Americana - rhythm and blues, delta blues, gospel, Appalachian ballads, and the full spectrum of American folk music, the cultural heritage of the people of the British Isles and their descendents in the rural subcultures of the American South.
4:00pm Jeanie & Chuck
The line up has changed over the years. One fact remains. Jeanie and Chuck Poling are the absolute heart and soul of the local country/folk/bluegrass music scenes. They met in Faith Petric's living room during the twice monthly song swap. They were in a band in the mid 80s with Smelly Kelly and Scott Young from Red Meat. They run a monthly bluegrass jam at the Plough and Stars that has incubated some of the best local talents of the day. And for one of the happiest married couples I know, they sure know a lot of cheatin', heartbreakin', romance-sure-sucks songs.
5:00pm The Creak
The Creak plays an action-packed mix of music rooted in the bluegrass tradition while drawing inspiration from sources as varied as the Beatles, the Bill Evans Trio, the Hot Club of France, James Brown and Slayer. With a hard-swinging rhythm section, memorable melodies, and beautiful instrumental interplay, The Creak captivates audiences of all ages.
6:00pm Maurice Tani and 77 el Deora
Ben Foster says: Maurice Tani's 77 El Deora is a California-based alt-country band that has been amassing a loyal fan following with their distinctive vocals, well-crafted songs, and simple organic sound ever since the band's formation in 2004.