Music Workshops A to Z

1920s Blues & Jazz String Band
Meredith Axelrod
Participants will learn a number of 1920s songs, play them with other instrumentalists, and sing them, too, in glorious harmony.
All My Relations Singing & Drumming
Laurie Vela & Jeremiah
Singing and drumming together, through music we'll celebrate our connections to each other and to all beings on the earth.
Autoharp - Make it Sparkle with Expression
Tina Louise Barr
Add magic to your musical performance by learning to play more expressively, at any skill level.
Beatles Sing and Play Along (2 hrs)
Joe Cadora & Jeannine Menger
Explore the music of the lads from Liverpool in this structured jam. Learn why these brilliant songs changed the landscape of popular music forever.
Beginning Fingerpicking for Guitar Players
Kay Eskenazi
Learn the basics (and more) of how to fingerpick accompaniments to folk, blues, and popular songs using the Travis picking technique.
Beginning Lead Playing on Guitar
Mac McCurdy
This workshop provides a logical and systematic approach to working your way from chords to related scales and on to playing leads.
Blues Jam
Myron Grossman and Tom Murray
Bring your instruments and join Myron and Tom as they play blues and swing with harmonica, bass and guitar.
A Cavalcade of Yodelers and Fauxdelers
Beth Berkelhammer
Thrill to the sounds of our panel of top-drawer yodelers, who will regale us for most of the hour, and glean a few tips from the experts, as well. Time allowing, we'll all yodel (or fauxdel) along on a few songs.
Children's Music Network Songswap
Hosted by Nanci Schneidinger
Share a song, or just listen.
The Circle of 5ths Demystified
Dan Scanlan
This hands-on workshop will explore the origin of the circle of fifths and show you how it can help you in learning and writing songs.
CJBA Jug Band Jam (2 hrs)
Wayne Hagen & Christopher Richard
Jug band music is good-time music-come play and sing up a storm and have a great time doing it at this jam guided by two jug band stalwarts.
Clawhammer Guitar Total Immersion
Steve Baughman
Intermediate and advanced players, come prepared to work hard and have fun as you learn to create that old-time banjo groove on the guitar.
Coming Together in Duo Harmony
Anne & Pete Sibley
The Sibleys will lead the group in singing traditional and original folk songs, while sharing their skills for finding harmony parts.
Concertina (2 hrs)
Daniel Hersh, Jack Gilder & Riggy Rackin
An introduction to the concertina, with a demonstration and Q&A, followed by more advanced tips for current players.
Contra Band Workshop (2 hrs)
Art Peterson
Learn some of the basics of playing in a contra dance band and get a sneak peak at the tunes for the Sunday evening contra dance.
Execution: Traditional Songs
Arlene Immerman
A song swap featuring some of the many songs about executions from the British Isles and American folk song traditions; come prepared to lead a song or request a favorite if you wish.
Expanding Your Folk Song Repertoire
Shay Black
Shay will teach a number of songs from Irish, English, Scottish, and other folk traditions; learning will be by repetition. "If you can hum it, you can sing it."
Flash Mob Choir
Tony Elman
Sing chants, rounds, and more while stepping and clapping in waves of rhythm.
Folk Songs of American Women's History
Estelle Freedman
Learn the meaning behind some familiar, and some not so familiar, songs sung by or about women in the past, as you sing along.
Getting Open Tuning Sound in Standard Tuning
Mark Lemaire
Learn to play more interesting chords and to add color to your existing chords.
Getting Your Songs in Film and on TV
Lisa Aschmann
Learn strategies from a seasoned pro and discuss pitching opportunities to make your work maximally attractive to film and television music supervisors.
Gospel Sing-Along
Jerry Michaels & Marian Gade
Come sing and share spiritual songs from any tradition; goddess songs, chants, all are welcome.
Guitar Fretboard Theory
Don Murdoch
Embark on the first steps of your journey around the guitar neck using five basic chord shapes and the CAGED system, one of the best methods for understanding how the neck works in regular tuning.
Gypsy Jazz Guitar Improvisation
Don Price (assisted by Ken Billeci & Jane Thompson)
Using six basic chord types, we'll create our own improvised lines to popular tunes from the gypsy jazz repertoire and gain a better understanding of Django's improvisational process.
Gypsy Jazz Rhythm Jam
Don Price, assisted by Ken Billeci & Jane Thompson
A hands-on, no-pressure, play-your-heart-out jam for rhythm and solo players, structured so that everyone gets a chance to improvise. This will be a hot gypsy jazz jam!
Harmonica & Guitar
Myron Grossman and Tom Murray
Myron & Tom will play blues and swing tunes, describe simple ways to approach vocal, melodic & harmonic playing, and present improvisation ideas, jamming methods, and rhythm and lead concepts for ensemble playing.
Harp Showcase
Patrice Haan, Mitch Landy & Jacqueline Lynaugh
Hear and enjoy the diverse sounds, techniques, and repertoire of three harpers playing three varieties of this most ancient of instruments.
Help Wanted - Careers in Music
John Tuttle
Come explore the wide range of jobs available in the music business and the skills you need to get hired.
American History in Song/Song in American History: Expanding Freedom
Nancy Schimmel and Bonnie Lockhart
Music that takes freedom to heart.
How to Run a Successful Pickers' Circle
Brooks Hunnicut & Robert Thornton Kent
For anyone who would like to bring people together to share, play, and enjoy music for fun and possible profit, including club, restaurant, and bar owners.
In Harmony's Way a Cappella Singing Session
Steve Baughman & Deborah Sandler
Come lead a song, request a song, or just sing along on drinking songs, gospel songs, sea shanties, camp songs, silly songs, sad songs, or anything else with a good chorus or refrain.
In Our Hands Singalong
Laurie Story and Jeremiah
In Our Hands Sing-A-Long Concert with multiple instruments & singable songs for being in harmony with ourselves, each other & the planet.
Intermediate Ukulele Strumming
Bill Trainor
Attendees, who should already be at home with the common strum, boom chucka, and boom chucka chucka, will be introduced to backbeat strums, strums with Afro-Cuban rhythms, triplet-based strums, and rasgueado-based strums.
Intro to Swing Rhythm Guitar
Tony Marcus
We'll learn a small number of four-note moveable chord shapes and get that swing feel happening with a propulsive 4/4 strum. If you can change regular open chord shapes quickly, you CAN learn this.
Introduction to Bodhran
Rob Wilson
This beginners' class will cover hand position and use, beats for jigs and reels, phrasing, and how to approach sessions.
Introduction to Mountain Dulcimer
DJ Hamouris
Learn a few tunes in the basic D-A-D tuning and start having fun with this most simple of American instruments.
Irish Songs & Ballads
Amelia Hogan
Celebrate Irish ballads, songs, and the Sean Nůs tradition. Sing (or play) along as stories are told through song.
Jimmie Rodgers Song Swap
Beth Berkelhammer
Train songs, cowboy songs, outlaw songs, blues songs, sentimental parlor songs, early jazz songs--and many with a yodel; come sing some and listen some to a variety of songs from the great Jimmie Rodgers.
John Prine Songs
Ed Hilton
John Prine's melancholy and humorous folk/country songs tug at the soul. We'll go around the circle giving participants an opportunity to lead or request a song.
Junk Band
Miss Juli
Build your own instruments from recycled materials and then join in on a junk band concert.
Kids' Open Mic
Hosted by Roger Sinasohn
This is your chance to be the star! The kids' open mic is an opportunity to get up on stage and perform.
Learn to Sing Barbershop Harmony
Charles Feltman
Learn to harmonize by ear, listening to the music and filling in where needed in the style of the southern and Appalachian barbershops of old.
Mandolin for Beginners
Steve Scott
Focusing on basic, easy chords, some scale patterns, and melodies, this workshop will touch on right-hand technique: holding the pick correctly, pick direction, and playing rhythm to accompany songs.
Music Theory for Non-Instrumentalists
John Tuttle
A workshop designed for singers who want to learn some basic concepts that will allow them to build better harmonies, communicate more effectively with instrumentalists, and better understand the music they sing.
Play-Along Cultural History of the Ukulele
Dan Scanlan
Dan will demonstrate the rajao, braguinha, tiple, and other ukulele ancestors and spin-offs. When appropriate, attendees can play along and learn a tune or two.
Producing Your Own CD (2 hours)
Jonathan Gill
Learn the steps necessary to create and market a music CD; for songwriters, recording musicians, engineers, and music lovers.
Sea Songs & Sea Shanties (2 hrs.)
Peter Kasin & Richard Adrianowicz
We'll start with a brief introduction to the different types of shanties and spend the rest of the workshop singing as much as possible.
Shape Note Singing
Peter Ross, Terry Moore, & Gary Breitbard
Singers and non-singers alike are welcome to join in on this moving four-part a cappella music that dates back to the early days of our nation.
Simple Swing Songs for the Ukulele
Janet Lenore (assisted by Jeff Davis)
We'll dig deep into three songs that can be swung using the good old "open" chords you already know and love; working on right- and left-hand techniques, we'll make them sound jazzy and lively.
Some Theory for Folkies: Intervals to Watch Out For
Dick Bagwell
Using traditional British Isles and American dance tunes, Dick will help you gain a basic understanding of modes, scales, chord progressions, cadences, and more, which will support your playing and singing.
Songs from the Heart
Lisa Hubbell
Come ready to listen as we share from the heart songs that have moved us to tears, kept us going, or changed us.
Songs of Kate Wolf
Don Murdoch
Sing and share the music of Kate Wolf in this song circle.
Songs of the Pennywhistlers
Jillian Tallmer
A rare opportunity to learn a half-dozen songs from the repertoire of Ethel Raim's groundbreaking seven-woman singing group The Pennywhistlers.
Songwriting for Kids
Hali Hammer
Learn about the songwriting process and then join the group in writing a song.
Songwriting from the Source (2 hrs.)
Bill Trainor
For anyone who has ever wanted to write a song. We will focus on songwriting as a means of self-expression and self-discovery.
Swap Rounds About Food
Joanne Orengo and Dave MacFarlane
Simple, silly, beautiful songs all featuring edibles.
Three Beatles Songs on Guitar
Jeannine Menger
Hands-on learning using charts and tab. We'll work on "Norwegian Wood," an easy one-chord song; "Blackbird," which features fingerpicking; and "Mother Nature's Son," a complex four-part piece that we'll cover in detail.
Traditional Ballads: a Song Swap (2 hrs.)
Sadie Damascus
Traditional English and Scottish ballads are very old, but they will come alive again in this song swap where the line between song and story is uncertain.
Traditional Harmony Songs: a Song Swap
Sadie Damascus
A song swap of traditional songs that are well suited to harmony singing, on any topic. Come prepared to lead a song or simply join in and sing along.
Treasures from Ruth Crawford Seeger's Collection
Traditional American children's songs and games.
Uke Chords that Work Anywhere on the Neck
Janet Lenore
You've paid for the entire neck of that little ukulele, so why not learn to make use of it all? An introduction to "closed chords," starting with two- and three-chord songs.
Ukulele Singalong Jam
Melody Cryns
Ukulele players, this jam's for you! Music will be provided, but bring a song to share, if you wish (singers and other instruments are welcome, also).
Walking Bass Lines for Early Blues & Rag Guitar
Meredith Axelrod
Learn to connect guitar chords in inventive ways instead of simply strumming them in succession and changing abruptly; we'll use mini-melodies to move gracefully from one chord to the next.
Working With - or Being - A Producer: Tips, Tricks, & When to Lie
Mark Lemaire
This workshop will provide an overview of the production process and the role of the producer.
Yiddish Songs of Love and Work
Mark Levy
Learn to sing some traditional and composed songs from the Jews of Eastern Europe; no prior Yiddish knowledge necessary.