Songs of the Pennywhistlers
Jillian Tallmer
Sunday, June 9, 2013, 4:00pm
Music 1 - Room #108

Ethel Raim's Pennywhistlers, the 7-woman singing group she founded in 1963, were among the first to bring Balkan, Eastern European, and Russian Jewish songs to the U.S. The Pennywhistlers toured throughout the 1960s, sharing billing with Theodore Bikel, Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, and Joan Baez. Raim was music editor of Sing Out! for ten years. Raim is the Artistic Director of the Center for Traditional Music and Dance, now in its 45th year.

Attendees will learn a half-dozen of the simpler songs from the Pennywhistlers albums (and maybe one dance). Transliterated lyrics will be provided, and no previous experience with this inviting repertoire is required. Men are welcome.

Jill Tallmer was the director of the Loose Canons, a Bay Area women's a cappella singing group that was inspired by the Pennywhistlers and used several of their arrangements. Most of the Canons met at the SF Folk Music Club and Camp Harmony.